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Mats to be used in all environments that require total absence of contaminating agents and the preservation of high hygenic levels. GIMA mat, thanks to antibacterial glue captures and retains dust and bacteria and substantially reduces bacteria growth and spreading. A full lenght adhesive sheet on the bottom of the mat provides a firm to grip to the floor. easy removability without leaving any adhesive trace. Each mat includes 30 numbered polythene sheets and non-adhesive edge strip to allow easy removal of each used layer. medical disposable device CE Classe 1 non-sterile. packed in a stylish dispenser folder with ahndle for easy carriage and vectorial storage. each mat can be easily picked leaving the others perfectly stored.

- Total mat thickness: 1.5 mm
- Dimensions: 45 x 90 cm
- Color: blue
- Box of 5 mats with 30 sheet each

On request (minimum 10 boxes) available in white or green and size 60 x 95 cm or 90 x 95 cm.

GERMOCID WIPES - tube 120 wipes
Item 36680 Price € 32.95

Ready to use wipe, it contains a Chlorhexidine and Quaternary Ammonium Salt based alcoholic solution. With a fast and effective disinfectant action against Bacteria Gram + Gram - Yeasts, Moulds, Fungi, Tuberculous Mycobacteria (TBC). Lipophilic and hydrophilic Viruses (HIV - HVB - HVC). The product has a high detergent power and it quickly evaporates. It is not inactivated by organic residuals. Suitable for objects and surfaces disinfection in medical and dental medical offices.


Technical Specifications
• Wipe size: 200 x 240 mm



Item 36615 Price € 75.00 ( Box of 12 )

For disinfection and fast cleaning of every kind of medical surface materials which are not sensitive to alcohol like arm, handle and different dentistry objects.

- Disinfectant action: the association between Clorexidine and Quaternary ammonium Salt and the high alcoholic content
guarantee a large action spectrum towards:
- Bacteria gram+ and gram-, fungus and virus HIV, HBC, HCV (HEPATITIS B and C) in 1 minute of contact.
- Fungus, microbacteria and TBC in 5 minutes of contact. Strong detergent power and fast evaporation. It is not de-activated by organic substances.
- Bactericide, viruscide and fungicide activity.
- Sold in box of 12 - only 2 bottles come with vaporizer.


Technical Specifications
• Chemical composition per 100 g of product:

• Clorexidine digluconate 0.1 g
• Benzalconium chloride 0.1 g
• Ethanol 45 g
• 2-Propanol 15 g
• Coformulants as needed for 100 g
• Appearance: green liquid
• Smell: characteristic pine
Item 36617 Price € 29.95

Concentrated liquid detergent disinfectant for environments. Dilute it in water to a ratio of 0.5% for the disinfection and the cleaning of surfaces, counter, tiles, floors, sanitary fixtures, also using floor-washing machines. Suitable in large areas (hospitals, clinics, rest homes, gyms, swimming pools) for the disinfection and cleaning of surfaces.

- Disinfectant action: guarantee a wide protection against virus, fungi, bacteria gram+ and gram-.
- Detergent action: contains nonionic surface active agents to enhance the cleaning of surfaces. Well tolerated on skin, do not swallow.


Technical Specifications
• Chemical composition, 100 g of product contain:

• Didecyl-dimehiyl: 10 g
• Ammonium chloride sol 0.2 g
• Coformulants and depurated water 100 g
• Appearance: pale yellow liquid
• Smell: citronella
• Biodegradability: detergent according to rules CE n° 648/2004
• Italian Health Ministry authorization N° 9658

Item 36640 Price € 179.95 ( box of 4 )

Cold sterilizer disinfectant: the peracetic acid which forms from the reaction of sodium percarbonate (which is obtained after dissolving the product into water) and tetracetiletilendiammina carries on an efficacious biocid action towards spores, virus (HIV, HBV, HCV), bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. At the concentrations of 0.3% it carries on sterilization in 10 minutes. The product is active in 15 minutes from dissolution, solution remains active for max 24 hours.
Suitable for a cold rapid sterilization and disinfection of endoscopes, surgical and dental instruments, transducer, etc. It can be used also with automatic washing machines for endoscopes. No environmental impact: once in contact with discharge water, it degrades immediately into acetic acid, water, oxygen.
English instructions. Made in Italy.
IIa Medical Device CE 0546


Technical Specifications
• Chemical composition - peracetic acid precursor - coformulants