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  A Representative will contact you regarding specific sizes for wheelchairs once purchase has been made.

Traveller 2 Electric Power Chair

Price € 1795.00  includes delivery        

Electric Power Chair



The new Karma Traveller is a compact, lightweight, highly maneuverable power chair. It is compact enough for indoor use and powerful enough to cope with outdoor trips. The Traveller breaks down easily into three sections, making it convenient to transport or store. The quick release battery is very easy to operate and has a safety catch to prevent the battery disconnecting accidentally. The heaviest part weighs just 24kg. This powerful combination of function and comfort is another unique offering from Karma.


  • Quick release seat and batteries for
  • storage/transportation
  • Aluminium frame
  • Heaviest part weighs 24kg (53lbs)
  • Depth adjustable footrest hangers
  • 18Ah batteries
  • Breaks up into three easy to carry packages

Falcon Electric Power Chair

Price € 1895.00  includes delivery      
Electric Power Chair



The updated Karma Falcon has several exciting new features including; flip back height adjustable armrests, the VR2 control system and aluminium split rim rear wheels and castors. The split rims allow the tyres to be replaced easily, saving maintenance costs. Infill rear wheels and solid castors save you worrying about punctures. The new height adjustable armrest is contoured for increased comfort. Another new feature is the quick release steering handle which allows the joystick to be moved from front to back in seconds. This is great for users who need assistance occasionally and is very easy to control. The design has been extensively tested to ensure reliability whilst also benefitting from the experience of the first generation of Falcon wheelchairs. The frame is made from aluminium and folds quickly into a transportable package with the heaviest part weighing 32kg.


  • Aluminium alloy folding frame
  • Quick release batteries and kerb climber
  • Folding backrest
  • 45Ah batteries for increased range
  • Seat widths: 16", 18" and 20”
  • Maximum user weight: 18 stone (115kg)


Atigra Electric Power Chair

Price € 4995.00  includes delivery     

Electric Power Chair





The Atigra is a highly adjustable power chair.The T2 seating system has been designed to provide optimal seating for the users. The power bases suspension system has been design to keep the user seated in the correct position. Designed to be as configurable as possible using just a handful of tools, the Atigra was awarded first prize at the 2008 Engineers Australia College of Biomedical Engineering Awards. It was launched in the UK in 2009. Adjustable elements include: back angle, seat angle, back height, armrest position and seat depth. A prescription form detailing all of the different options is available from Karma Mobility. Seat sizes are available in 16”,17”,18”,19” and 20”. The seat depth of each of these is adjustable from 16” to 20”. Once the user is sitting properly in the power chair the patented ATR suspension keeps them in the correct seating position, even when travelling over rough ground. The combination of soft front and hard rear suspension give great driving comfort and the suspension works both longitudinally and laterally creating all round stability. The Atigra has been successfully crash tested and is suitable for use as a seat in a motor vehicle.


  • Adjustable backrest position
  • Highly adjustable footplates
  • Highly ajustable armrest position
  • ATR suspension


Ergo Stand

Price € 5995.00  includes delivery 

Electric Power Chair


The 'Ergo Stand' is a highly manoeuvrable front wheel drive standing power chair with Karma's patented 'S-Ergo' seating system. Front wheel drive is ideal for indoor use and negotiating tight spaces. It lifts up from the user from the sitting position to standing in seconds. The backrest angle is adjustable to change it's positon in the standing position. The 'Ergo Stand' can be driven at reduced speed in the standing position.




  • Flip back arms (height adjustable)
  • Large flip up footplates
  • Power backrest recline