Medical Equipment Ireland


Shower Chair with Backrest
      Item 27730  Price € 49.95 includes delivery        

Shower chair with backrest
Seat and backrest in plastic material
Height adjustable, non slip end.



Adjustable Swivel Stool Item 27733  Price € 99.95  includes delivery        
- easy tool-free installation
- swivel seat with 90 degree position lock at every right angle location
- seat with 8 height adjustments, by 2.5 cm (1") increment
- non-slip central seat pad and soft under-covers
- 135 kg (300 lbs) maximum load



Suction Grab Bar Item 27736   Price € 35.50  includes delivery
Innovative line of GRAB BAR, can be quicky installed everywhere without need of drilling and screwing.
Patented suction cups (Ø 93 mm). Holds up to 60 Kg (150 lbs) and lateral up to 45 kg.
Made of heavy duty ABS, ideal solution to support elder people during daily bathroom use.