Medical Equipment Ireland


Gima Stretcher 2

Item 34101 Price € 189.95

Emergency stretcher is sturdy, but lightweight in construction, with aluminium frame and three solid iron cross-bars for heavy use. Reinforced nylon bed, fluid repellent and anti-tearing.
Folds in half for easy storage.

Technical Specifications
• Open size: 203 x 50 x 14 cm
• Folded size: 96 x 50 x 17 cm
• Weight: 6 kg
• Load: 120 kg

Gima Stretcher 4 Item 34107 Price € 159.95

Made of high strength alloy material and water-tightness material. Light weight, easy to carry, foldable in 4. Length foldable in 2 parts, width foldable in 2 parts.


Technical Specifications
• Open size: 221 x 53 x 16 cm
• Folded size: 104 x 19 x 12 cm
• Weight: 5 kg
• Load: 130 kg

Scooping Stretcher Item 34103 Price € 359.95

A wonderfully practical scooping stretcher makes it possible to put the stretcher under the patient without moving him/her much. The shape of the stretcher has been designed to immobilise the patient in the best way during transport.
- effective hooking and unhooking device for stretcher uncoupling
- adjustable stretcher length with automatic locking device
- bag with 3 quick unhooking safety belts for patient immobilisation
- once folded can be easily stored inside the ambulance
- completely built in light and sturdy aluminium

Technical Specifications
• Open size cm: min 171 x 43 - max 212 x 43
• Folded size: 120 x 43 cm
• Weight: 8 kg
• Load: 150 kg

Spinal Board Item 34083 Price € 179.95

X-ray translucent, washable, buoyant and impervious to all fluids.
Made in linear polyethylene high density with plastic pins. Compatible with all head-immobilisation devices and strapping system.

- Colour orange.


Technical Specifications
• Open size cm: 184 x 44.5 x 6.5
• Weight: 7.6 kg
• Load: 150 kg

Spinal Boards with Safety Pins Item 34097 Price € 229.95 Item 34011 ( Belts ) Price € 29.95

Strong and lightweight high density PE spinal board, with two fibre reinforced plastic stays.
Provided with metal pins for better fixation of immobilisation belts Excellent for water rescues.


Technical Specifications
• Open size cm: 183 x 46 x 5
• Weight: 7 kg
• Load: 200 kg


Vacuum Splint Kit Item 34119 Price € 309.95

The set includes vacuum splints for arm (70x50 cm), leg (100x70 cm)
forearm (50x30 cm) and a nylon bag.
Produced with high quality materials these splints allow perfect
immobilization of the lower and upper limbs by removing the air inside.
Equipped with an outside valve, to avoid troubles to the patient, and three velcro straps. Made in vinyl covered nylon, x-ray translucent.