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Anti Bacterial Hand Cleaning Gel  
Disinfectant hand cleaning gel cleans the hands and prevents the settlement of bacteria. It is effective against bacteria, virus, fungi. No need of water. Gima range includes 4 sizes and 4 different flavours (neutral transparent, apple, strawberry, lemon).

Multi-Use Gel - without water  

Cleanser hygienic for hands without water.
Ready-to-use product, which contains ethyl alcohol for a rapid and effective hands antisepsis. It has been studied to sanitize and clean hands without using water.
Thanks to its particular formula it destroys 99.9% of germs and bacteria on the hands in just a few seconds. It dries fast and leaves hands soft and fresh.
Its disinfecting power is combined with an effective skin-protecting action, it guarantees hygienic protection in few seconds. Dermatologically tested.

Surgery Disinfectant Item 36632 € 19.95

Reccomended for preparation of hands before surgical intervention and for complete washing of patients.
Direct action towards bacteria gram+, gram-, virus.


Technical Specifications
• Each 100 g contains: - 4 % Clorexidine - Chlorexidine digluconate 4 g - Isopropylyc alcohol 4g - Coformulants - Depurated water as needed for 100 g - Italian Health Ministry registration PMC 18980
Surgeon Brushes Scrub Kit Item 25719 Price € 29.95 ( Box of 32 )
Sterile hand-cleaning hospital kit. It includes a scrub, a sponge and a plastic spatula for cleaning nails. Dry, without detergent.
Sterilization method: ETO.
Item 36630 Price € 9.95

Antiseptic liquid for disinfection of skin and hands.
For people who need frequent washing as surgeons, medical and hospital attendants.

Novalcol can be used pure before and after the injection, or previously diluted in the ratio of 1:4 (1 part of Novalcol and 4 parts of water) in the preoperative cleaning of the patient (or for those confined to bed). Useful for disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing rooms, floors, surfaces, tiles, sanitary facilities, etc.
Novalcol is non toxic, non irritant and non inflammable.
It does not stain or hurt. Efficient against gram+, gram-- - virus. Instructions on the bottle in English -Italian


Technical Specifications

• Chemical composition:

• Dideculdimentilammonium Chloride 100 mg
• Phenilphenol: 20 mg
• I sopropylic Alcohol 3.6 mg
• Soluble essential oils of lemon 1g
• Coformulants: 0.2 mg
• Deionized sterilized water as needed for 100 g


Germoxid is a ready-to-use disinfectant for skin that contains chlorexidine with long-lasting bactericidal action. Chlorexidine has a proven broad-spectrum effectiveness against Gram + and Gram - bacteria. The molecular structure of chlorexidine is very similar to that one of epidermis proteins and it is therefore rapidly and constantly absorbed by the skin. Chlorexidine is particularly suitable for skin disinfection: clinical research has demonstrated that chlorixidine triggers an immediate skin bacterial flora reduction till 87%. Chlorexidine is particularly safe for medical operators thanks to its high epidermis compatibility, it neither irritates the skin nor stains. Available in 3 versions: liquid (250 ml), spray (spray dispenser allows a quick and efficient action and is eco-friendly) or wipes (ready-touse disinfecting wet wipes containing chlorexidine).

Active against bacteria, virus and mycetes are ideal for children since they do not burn. Indispensable in the house, the car, in sporting events.

Indicated for the disinfection of:
- insect bites
- skin before and after injections
- disinfection of hands and other body parts.
Instructions on the box in english-italian.

Technical Specifications

• Chemical composition, 100 g of product contain:

• Chloride of alkylbenziloleilammonium 0.5%
• Ofenilphenol 0.01%
• Alchil iso-chinolina bromide 0.2%
• Scent excipient detergent (Alchil-poliglicolerere) and water as needed.

ALCOHOL SWABS / PADS Item 36601 Price € 79.95 ( 10 )
Convenient to handle and ideal for cleaning the skin before injections, blood checks, infusions… The fleece pads are saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. The tight fitting lid prevents evaporations. Size: 50x50x80 mm contains 150 pads, size: 44x44 mm, sterilized by Gamma radiation. U.S. and International Patents FDA Reg. #8010920
Item 36608 Price € 10.95
Disinfectant solution iodopovidone 10% iodine.