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Ambu Spur Resuscitator - The Next Generation  
Ambu SPUR II provides users with exceptional tactile and visual feedback during resuscitation. The bag is highly responsive, with minimal mechanical resistance. Furthermore the characteristic design provides optimum stroke volume with perfect recoil. Range includes infant, pediatric, and adult sizes. All Ambu SPUR II resuscitators come in individual, resealable plastic carrying bags, complete with mask, reservoir bag (34235, 34236 only) and oxygen tube. The bags themselves are color-coded for fast identification of infant, pediatric, and adult sizes. - Thin-walled compression bag allows for lung compliance and "feel" - Integrated handle for user comfort and uniform compression - Unique single-shutter valve system for reliable functionality - Swivel between valve and mask permits 360° positioning of the Ambu SPUR II in relation to the patient - Medication port permits quick medication delivery without disconnecting the Ambu SPUR II from the ET tube - SafeGrip™ surface for secure handling in stressful environments


Ambu Mark IV Resuscitator adult

Item 34200 Price € 329.00

Designed in accordance with the original double wall principle, the new 100% latex-free Ambu bags are more robust and provide users with exceptional visual and tactile lung condition feedback during manual resuscitation, making operation safer and more secure. Built-in pressure limitation prevents compression if there is any resistance in the patient's airways. Suitable for adults and children over 15 Kg (3 years). Supplied with face mask N°5 and single shutter valve. Autoclavable at 134°C. Maximum volume 1300 ml.
Ambu Mark IV Resuscitator baby Item 34204 Price € 469.00
Same as 34200, but suitable for neonates, infants and children up to 20 kg (approx 4-5 years). Supplied with face mask N°0A and oxygen reservoir tube 250 mm. Maximum volume 300 ml.
Transparent Silicone Face Masks - Latex Free  

The silicone face masks are self-inflating and the cuff pressure can be regulated for an easy and efficient seal. They are comtortable to grip and feature a thumb rest so rescuers can achieve a tight seal. Visual checks of bleeding, vomit, and spontaneous breathing can be mad through the transparent dome. Autoclavable at 134°C.