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Automatic Loading Stretcher

Item 34055 Price € 1395.00

Automatic stretcher to load and unload patients from emergency vehicles, can be moved by only one person.Specially designed with roll-in system to easily load and unload patients from emergency vehicle without lifting them. Legs fold under cot automatically as stretcher is rolled into the vehicle.Lock-in operating position as cot is removed from vehicle, lefthand and right-hand control levers unlock front and back legs respectively so as to be folded when cot is loaded. Polyethylene covered legs allow cot to roll smoothly in and out of vehicle.
Mattress, belts, side rails and fixing devices are included.


Technical Specifications

• Size:
- 190 x 54 x 90 cm max
- 193 x 60 x 21 cm min
• Packing size: 195 x 61 x 26 cm
• Weight: 40 kg
• Load: 159 kg


Multiposition Auto Stretcher Item 34056 Price € 2135.00

Multifunctional automatic stretcher with adjustable positioning system, easily adjustable to the position required during emergency treatments in combination with ambulance. The stretcher can bend through 6 different grades, forwards or backwards. The back of the stretcher is fixed by pneumatic springs moving in the range of 0 to 60 degrees, also equipped by front and back fixed supports. It can be locked into place inside ambulance at proper position. Mattress, belts, side rails, I.V. stand and fixing devices are included.


Technical Specifications

• Size:
- 198 x 53 x 93 cm max
- 198 x 53 x 34 cm mi
• Packing size: 200 x 60 x 35 cm
• Load: 159 kg
• Net weight: 35 kg
• Gross weight: 40 kg
• Maximum angle of leaning forwards: 11 degrees
• Maximum angle of leaning backwards: 25 degrees
• The height scope of touching down (6 grades):
- 98 cm- 94 cm - 87 cm
- 77 cm- 60 cm - 34 cm


Carrera Self Loading Stretcher Item 34062 Price € 2795.00

Loading height 44-60 cm - yellow/black
The Carrera cot is a one-piece /one-man stretcher trolley.
The platform is available with a semi-automatic backrest lifting system. Sidebars have a built-in mechanism to avoid pinching of sheets and for added safety to the patient.
Easy to clean and to load onto the vehicle for the single operator, thanks to the "Back-saving self effect" and to the "self-assist" system integrated in the pistons. Bigger wheels (Ø 200 mm) for added stability (2 with brake).
Weight: 29 kg
Mattress and rails included.

Also available in Loading height 54-70 cm - yellow/black Item 34063

Enduro Multi- Level Stretcher Item 34064 Price € 4295.00

ENDURO MULTI-LEVEL STRETCHER - chrome/black (available also black and yellow) The Enduro multi-level cot is a simple stretcher trolley ideal for use in Hospitals and easy to handle for the operators. It has an X-frame stretcher with 8 different adjustable positions. A special alloy for the frame and HDPE for the board are a guarantee of quality and flexible endurance. The board is equipped with a semi-automatic telescopic backrest lifting system and allows for Trendelenburg positioning of the patient. This model has a board that also bend into Fowler position. Sidebars have a built-in mechanism to avoid pinching of sheets and for added safety to the patient. Fully welded it is guaranteed to be a strong companion. Bigger wheels for added stability and an extraordinary weight load capacity of approximately 250 kg. Weight: 45 kg.

Also Available with Fowler Position Item 34065

Basket Stretcher Item 34064 Price € 729.00

This shell is a new design for a wide range of rescue situations. It is built in high density cross-linked polyethylene, to avoid splintering and cracking. The surface is impervious to body fluids and petroleum products, easy to keep clean.
The basket is in non-absorbent orange colour, it will not rust or corrode, resistant to the effects of chemicals and extreme temperatures. The tubular aluminium frame is permanently fastened to the shell to ensure maximum strength and rigidity of the stretcher. Moulded-in hand holds. Built in brass grammets provide four strategically positioned lifting points to ensure a safe and effective means of raising or lowering the patient. Includes 3 quick-release restraints to hold the patient securely, mattress and foot-rest.

Technical Specifications
• Size (LxWxH): 217 x 62 x 18.5 cm
• Load capacity: 278 kg
• Weight: 13.5 kg


Available with Lifting Bridles Item 34099

and Flotation system Item 34100

Wheelchair Stretcher Item 34060 Price € 495.00

Specially designed for confined areas such as narrow hallways or multiple landing stairways; anywhere access is seriously limited. Made in light aluminium with waterproof orange sheet. Two rearstationary wheels Ø 12 cm, two back handles and four front handles, 2 adjustable 30 cm, facilitate transport on most floor types. 2 quick lock safety belts immobilize patient during transport. Locking safety latch maintains chair position during use. Loading capacity: 150 kg.


Technical Specifications
• Folded size: 95 x 56 x 16 cm • Wheelchair size: - back height: 91 cm - width: 43 cm - seat height: 48 cm - width: 43 cm • Weight: 8.5 kg
Evacuation Chair Item 34058 Price € 625.00

Designed and built for emergency patient removal from confined spaces.
Folded it can be stored in most ambulances. Manufactured from chromed steel with brakes on the front wheels. Seat cover made of vinyl coated nylon, easily washable.
Folds in one movement, equipped with two quick-release patient restraints.


Technical Specifications
• Height (open/closed): 98/78 cm
• Width: 41 cm
• Depth with extended handles: open 80 cm
• Depth when folded handles: closed 31 cm
• Weight: 12 kg
• Load: 116 kg