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Head Immobiliser Fermo 1

Item 34020 Price € 89.95

GIMA introduces four models of head immobilizers, different in shape, material and colour. All are composed of two head blocks and two straps to prevent any head movement of the injured person during transport. Material: - PE foam covered with vinyl - Radiolucent material, suitable for x-ray chamber


Head Immobiliser Fermo 2 Item 34021 Price € 89.95

NBR Foam dipped with PVC



Head Immobiliser Stop Item 34078 ( Black )Price € 105.95 Item 34080 Price € 105.95

High Density Foam, Water repellant coating



Head Immobiliser Contour Item 34079 Price € 129.95

Moulded antitoxic PVC and Polyurethane

Radiolucent Material suitable for X-Ray