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BURNFREE - Burn Care Products  


A complete range of burn care products with superior benefits: - Dissipates heat on contact - Cools the burn site, relieves pain, calms the burn victim, helps stop the burn process. - Covers the burn, help to prevent contamination, helps begin the healing process. • Sterile burns and wounds dressings: Made of a soft open-cell foam, saturated with BurnFree gel. Sterile to reduce risk of contamination or infection. BurnFree Features, Ingredients: • BurnFree is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would. It is easily absorbed into the matrix of the open-cell foam used in the sterile dressings, to cool the injury effectively. • BurnFree is 95% water based and is 100% water soluble, which means it rinses off completely from a burn injury for any further examination or treatment. • BurnFree contains no drugs. It is classified as a Medical Device by the U.s. FDA and by the European Community. It also carries the "CE" mark as required in Europe. • BurnFree dressings are also approved for "Wound Care". It is the only burn product on the market to have such dual approval. • Burn free carries trace amounts of a natural extract called Melaleuca Alternifolia, or Tea Tree Oil. This extract is considered in many countries to have natural anti-germicidal features, which help to prevent infection and promote healing. • BurnFree contains anti-evaporative, thickening and preservative agents to mantain the gel's viscosity and efficacy. • BurnFree Dressings are sterile and utilize a foam pad that holds the gel and keeps it in place at the wound site. Expiration Dating: • All BurnFree products have expiration dates to insure product quality and efficacy. Some of the products are required to have dates printed on them under CE regulations, while others don't require them to be printed. As a general rule, products that carry a date will exhibit that date on the package, while products without a date stamped carry a 5-year expiration. Cooling, Pain Relief, Removal, and Drug Reactions: • BurnFree Dressings use BurnFree gel impregnated in a carrier, which when applied, is easily removed at the medical facility with plain water. • BurnFree never uses any of the anesthetic drugs, such as lidocaine, in its formulation that can cause allergic reactions, or is prohibited by many local regulations worldwide.


BURNFREE Fire Blanket  

Provides immediate physical, smoke and heat shielding protection from fire.
Cools and moistens burns. Supplied in barrel bag with strap

HYPOTHERMIC BLANKET Item 34086 Price 59.95

Reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat to keep a person warm and protected even at subzero temperature. Waterproof, reusable, wind proof, lightweight. Made of polypropylene Fralom fibre coupled to a metallized polyethylene fibre. Blanket colour may change in the time.


Technical Specifications
• Size: 200 x 150 cm
ISOTHERMIC COVER ( 50 ) Item 34085 Price € 89.95

Suitable for protection against cold and heat.
Silver side in keeps the warmth of the body, gold side out reflects sunbeams.

Technical Specifications
• Size: 160 x 210 cm • Weight: 67 g