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Disposable Battery

Item SAV-C0010 Price € 295.00





Non-rechargeable battery technology LiMnO2

The non-rechargeable battery with long life time has a special technology that ensures a long battery life and eliminates any sort of maintenance.
LiMnO2 battery is guaranteed to last for several years in standby mode or for a large number of discharges:

Shelf Life: 5 years *
Standby Life: 4 years *


Defibrillator Pads


Adult Pads Saver One € 49.95

Childrens Pads Saver One € 89.95


AED Carry Case

Price € 159.00



The semi-rigid bag red for the transport of defibrillators Saver One Series is designed to hold and protect your device and all accessories. The material used is EVA, covered with Teflon.

We have chosen this material because its particular characteristics fully meet the specific needs for the construction of a strong carry bag of dedicated to the world of emergency.



AIVIA 100 Wall Cabinet with visible/audible alarms Price € 535.00
















The Cabinet AIVIA series are designed to hold and protect the ADE Saver One.
Designed to withstand shocks and stresses , produced using ABS and Polycarbonate.Their design and functionalitymakes the Cabinet Aivia unique.

The Cabinet AIVIA series are available in two different versions:

AIVIA Protection
AIVIA Surveillance

Each of the two different versions including models All models AIVIA can be placed on the wall or on a special ground support equipment (Totem model BORNAVIE) inside or outside the buildings.

AIVIA Protection
The units in the AIVIA Protection (AIVIA 100, 200, 210, 220 and 230) welcome their internal AED them proteggonodalle environmental actions (dust, moisture, rain, cold ...).

Functions of models AIVIA 100, 200, 210, 220 and 230:
• Visual alarms local
• detector light that automatically turns on the LED illumination through the compartment DAE

Models 220 and 230 also integrate AIVIA:
• analog phone hands-free device
• Opening of the coating through code or RFID badge reader

• Siren Dual Tone enabled the opening of emergency rechargeable batteries (AIVIA 210.220 and 230).
• Heating (except AIVIA 100) that allows you to keep a positive temperature AED
• GSM Telephony (AIVIA 220 and 230)

AIVIA Surveillance
The units in the AIVIA Surveillance (AIVIA 300, 310, 320 and 330) welcome, protect and monitor the DAE, it garantisconoil control function allowing the total supervision

Functions of models AIVIA 300, 310, 320 and 330
• Connecting local area network (LAN) Ethernet
• Software that allows you to set AIVIA on the local network
• Communication between server and AIVIA AIVI @ NET AIVIA 320 and 330 models also incorporate: • analog phone hands-free device.
• Emergency batteries rechargeable

• Heating that allows you to keep a positive temperature AED (down to -20 ° C)
• Photoelectric Control that allows thanks to a goal infrared taking the picture of the person who opened the cabinet.
• Communication GPRS


The Cabinet AIVIA S for its functionality combined with a very competitive cost has been specifically designed to be used indoors. Sturdy and functional, the cabinet AIVIA S is composed of two different parts:

• Front Cover entirely of polycarbonate
• Housing in ABS

The front cover shows the main steps you can take to use the AED safely Saver One


ECG Cable For Defibrillator Price € 235.00

The ECG cable SAV-C0017 allows the monitoring of the ECG of the patient, taking advantage of the special mode "Monitoring" the defibrillators Saver One Series models:

Saver One D
Saver One P

The ECG cableis reusable type with terminal 2-pole. Allows in the "monitoring" of the display shows the use of defibrillators Saver One D Saver One P and the ECG (lead II) and heart rate of the patient.
The ECG cable is the ideal solution to reduce the cost of PADs defibrillation and ensure a long patient monitoring



Defibrillator Software Price € 99.95

The View Express Saver is a PC software for the visualization, analysis, and printing of the data stored by the defibrillator Saver One Series:

Saver One
Saver One D
Saver One P


Defibrillators Saver One Series: If a memory card is installedyou can store all data in the rescue including field recordings (voices and sounds). With the PC software Saver View Express can be analyzed in detail all phases of the rescue, creating a real patient records and then store everything on your PC.

View Express Saver allows you to:
• Display and storage of data stored on defibrillators Saver One Series
Creating Patient Medical Record
• Analysis of the ECG of patients with a variety of tools
To play back the stored audio recording defibrillators
• View list events and alarms
• Print

Compatible with Windows OS


AED Memory Card Price € 49.95

Defibrillators Saver Series One are able to store all the data related to the rescue with the help of external memory card.

Thermal Printer Price € 575.00

The printer Poti-S30 is a special small-sized portable thermal printer with IrDA port Equipped with rechargeable battery, allows for deferred printing of events and the course of the rescue.
The printer can only be used on the following defibrillator:

Saver One D
Saver One P


Ports - S30 is a portable thermal printer for defibrillators Saver One Series. Lightweight and ultra compact design allows it to be easily carried and used under any circumstances. Equipped with IrDA technology that allows you to communicate with defibrillators Saver One Series without the use of any wires. The printer Ports-S30 is provided with rechargeable batteries with high autonomy.