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Suction Machine Mains powered
Item 28210  Price € 229.95  includes delivery        





A line of stylish, compact and reliable aspirators for small surgery. Silent, high flow and maintenance - free pumps allow long product life and durability. Recommended for nasal aspiration, oral aspiration, tracheal aspiration of body liquids (mucus, catarrh or blood) in adults or children. Equipped with vacuum regulator continuously adjustable, vacuum indicator, unbreakable 1,000 ml or 2,000 ml bottle, autoclavable at 120°C, with safety float control valve to prevent overflow. Manufactured in electric and thermal insulated plastic body. Autoclavable and disposable collection system: In addition to standard autoclavable jar is available a disposable collection system composed by a rigid reusable container and a polyethylene disposable liner with cover, ermetically sealed, and hydrophobic, antireflux, bacterial filter operating as anoverflow valve.





Suction Machine Battery and Mains Item 28190    Price € 525.00  includes delivery        

With incorporated rechargeable batteries. It can operate at 12 V power supply at rechargeable batteries and, thanks to an electronic system, at 230 V while recharging batteries . Autonomy: approx 45-50 minutes.
Recharging time: 120-150 minutes.
Max suction: -75 bar
Suction power: 16 air litres/min
It has unbreakable 1,000 ml standard bottle (2,000 ml optional) autoclavable at 120°C with safety float control valve to prevent overflow.



Manual Suction Unit Item 28220    Price € 139.95  includes delivery

Independent of any power source, This Suction Unit is simple to operate pressing pedal by foot, hand or knee.
It is used to clear patients airways safely and efficiently, anytime, anywhere.
Precision and solidly built to assure long service life.
Polycarbonate suction bottle with capacity 400cc, autoclavable at 120°C and spill-over protection.
Bacterial filter included.

Item 28124  Price € 149.95  includes delivery

This lightweight and hand held suction Unit requires no batteries or electrics and yet provides powerful suction whenever and wherever you need it. The original and filtered Res-Q-Vac offers ultimate safety and ease of use for the professional and fits easily into any emergency bag or ambulance.
Key Features
- Portable Hand Powered Suction
- Hospital suction level performance >600mmHg
- Always ready to go, no set up required, no batteries to recharge
- Patented 0.22 equivalent micron disposable filter for ultimate infection control
- Easy snap on replacement disposable canister sets with Adult and Child catheters
- Convenient one-handed operation
- Each unit 100% tested for reliability
Kit includes: Res-q-Vac pump, canister 300 ml with filter, soft cannula Ø 12.7 mm