Medical Equipment Ireland


Item 28097     Price € 49.95  includes delivery        

Innovative portable, easy to use nebulizer for home use, recommended to nebulize antibiotics and bronchodilator drugs.
Plastic body with high thermal insulation.
Supplied with adult and pediatric face mask, bulb, mouthpiece, air tubing and air filter.





Ultrasonic Silent Travel Nebuliser Item 28080     Price € 89.95  includes delivery        

Small, handy, light weight, portable nebulizer, that can operate with standard AA batteries (conventional or rechargeable) instead of expensive dedicated rechargeable batteries or AC adaptor 100-240 V.
Two adjustable nebulization rate.
Provides optimal treatment for all kinds of medication with different density. Supplied in a nylon carrying bag with AC adapter adult and child mask, mouthpiece 10 medicine cups, and transformer.


Low noise level: treatments are not only fast but are virtually silent due to its advanced ultrasonic technology.



Paediatric Nebuliser ( Pingoo ) Item 28117    Price € 99.95  includes delivery

Thanks to innovative electronic technology these easy-touse ultrasonic nebulizers provide a quiet, fast and portable operation with optimal particle size. Portable small and lightweight, it allows patients to perform treatments anytime and anywhere.
Optimal particle size: particle size determines the extent to which the medication can be inhaled by the patient into the deep lung tissue. Around 90% of particles generated by Respira or Pingoo fall within the optimal 1-5 µ (microns) size.
Fast treatment: with its high-efficiency design, it allows a quick treatment time, most within 6 minutes, with limited power consuption.
Low noise level: treatments are not only fast but are virtually silent due to its advanced ultrasonic technology.

Professional Hospital Nebuliser Item 28105    Price € 129.95  includes delivery

A piston-type compressor nebulizer designed for continuous use, with high perfomance with any type of drug, ideal for intensive hospital and clinic use. It is recommended for atomising antibiotics and bronchodilator drugs.
Manufactured with high thermal and electric insulation plastic chassis in accordance with the latest European Safety regulations. The oil-free piston compressor has long durability and is equipped with the highly efficent HI-FLO jet nebulizer to guarantee quick and accurate drug delivery.
Easy to handle and transport.