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Duca Sthethoscopes Single Head-Latex Free

Item 32519 Price € 19.95  includes delivery        



DUCA with chromed chestpiece - latex free

Traditional stethoscopes with robust, heavily chromed singlehead chestpiece with floating diaphragm for a superior acoustic sensitivity. Excellent for taking blood pressure and general auscultation. Supplied in strong carton box with foam inside, with one set of spare eartips, spare diaphragm and user manual.


Technical Specifications

• Diaphragm Ø 40 mm


Duca Sthethoscopes Latex Free

YTON Sthethoscopes Double Head-Latex Free Item 32530 Price € 19.95  includes delivery
Chestpiece Ø 45 mm, bell Ø 30 mm (for double head), with colour coordinated plastic retaining ring. "Duracote" finished. Supplied in cardboard box.