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Cardiology / Pneumology Sthethoscopes

Item 32552 Cardiology Classic Sthethoscope

Price € 79.95  includes delivery        





Cardiology Classic offers acoustical excellence in a traditional Bdesign. Its innovative

features include:
- stainless steel chestpiece (diameter 36-47 mm) with extra deep cone-shaped bell for a superb low frequencresponse
- stainless steel double inner spring binaural
- floating diaphragm for unsurpassed amplification
- durable, elegantly moulded

Colour co-ordinated non-chill ring and diaphragm retaining ring PVC black tubing




Item 32526 Regalite Cardiology Sthethoscope

Price € 59.95  includes delivery        


Top quality single head stethoscope.
Patented multi-frequency "RING-O-RAISED™" diaphragm system. Chromed plated chestpiece with "SUPERFLEX" inner spring binaural and 1 piece moulded PVC, latex free, tubing. Supplied in deluxe box, with spare soft eartips and one spare diaphragm.